100 cuốn sách hướng dẫn đánh đàn piano cơ bản

100 cuốn sách hướng dẫn đánh đàn piano cơ bản

100 cuốn sách hướng dẫn đánh đàn piano cơ bản

1.John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course

2.John Thompson Modern Course for Piano


4.Piano Adventures

5. Rocket Piano

6. Sách luyện ngón The Virtuoso Pianist (Hanon)

7. James Bastien Piano

8. Suzuki Piano School

9. Trinity Guildhall Piano

10. Abrsm Piano

11. Piano berklee instant keyboard method

12. Sách dạy Piano căn bản cho người mới bắt đầu – “Piano for Dummies” (Mirror Download)

13. Sách dạy Piano căn bản qua 10 bài học nhỏ – “How to play piano in 10 easy lesson” (Mirror Download)

14. Sách dạy Jazz Piano căn bản – “The Jazz Piano Book

15. The Real Easy Book – Vol. 1 – Tunes for Beginning Improvisers, by Sher Music Co

16. Jazz Theory – From Basic To Advanced Study – WorkbookMirror Download

17. Giáo trình dạy Piano – Country của org

18. Giáo trình dạy Piano – Jazz của org

19. Giáo trình dạy Piano – R&B của org

20. Giáo trình dạy Piano – Blue của org

21. Giáo trình dạy Piano – Rock của org

22. Bộ sách dạy Piano – Jazz tổng hợp từ các nguồn độc lập khác

23. Bộ sách dạy Piano – Blue & Rock tổng hợp từ các nguồn độc lập khác

24. Jazz Theory I – 5th edition, by Hiroaki Honshuku

25. The Scale Omnibus 1.01Mirror download

26. John Mehegan Famous Jazz Style Piano

27. John Mehegan: Jazz Improvisation 1Jazz Improvisation 2 | Jazz Improvisation 3 | Jazz Improvisation 4

28. John Mehegan: Improvising Jazz Piano

29. Pianobreaks Basics – Guide to Jazzy Chords and Improvisation

30. Big Book of Jazz Piano Improvisation

31. Intro to Jazz Piano by Mark Harrison

32. Blues Hanon

33. Hanon Jazz

34. Jazz Hanon by Alfassy (complete)

35. Jazz Hanon

36. Piano Exercices Jerry Gray Jazz Hanon

37. Oscar Peterson Jazz Exercises and Pieces

38. Mike Tracy Jazz Piano Voicings for non pianists

39. Jazz Piano Chords

40. How to play a ii-V-I Jazz Chord ProgressionVideo | ii-V-I-simple.pdf

41. Getting Started With Jazz Improvisation Handout 2012

42. Chord Progressions

43. Piano Chords and Progressions

44. Awesome Chords Book 1

45. Jazz Piano Voicings

46. Jazz Piano Voicing Skills

47. Voicings for Jazz Keyboard

48. Bill Boyd Intermediate Jazz chord Voicing

49. Misha Stefanuk Jazz Piano Scales and Modes

50. Essential Jazz Piano Phrases

51. Piano Phrasing

52. Jazz Piano Patterns Essential Jazz Piano Phrases

53. Jazz Method chord by chord

54. Bill Boyd Jazz Chord Progressions

55. Jazz Riffs for Piano

56. Piano Jazz Etudes for Beginners

57. Neil Olmstead Solo Jazz Piano Part 2

58. Neil Olmstead Solo Jazz Piano The Linear Approach BOOGIEWOOGIE

59. Bill Dobbins The Contemporary Jazz Pianist Vol 1

60. Bill Dobbins The Contemporary Jazz Pianist Vol 2

61. Bill Dobbins The Contemporary Jazz Pianist Vol 3

62. Bill Dobbins The Contemporary Jazz Pianist Vol 4

63. Jazz Piano Solos by Dave Brubeck

64. Jazz Piano Harmony

65. Jazz Piano W Nunes: Solo Improvisation Technique for the Jazz Piano

66. Piano Jazz 2 by Brian Priestley

67. R&B Piano Solos

68. Art Tatum Jazz Piano Solos

69. Duke Ellington Jazz Piano

70. Melodic Studies for the Jazz Pianist

71. Jazz Ballads (16 Famous Jazz Ballads)

72. Jazz Piano Solos Vol 2: Jazz Stars

73. Jazz Piano Solos Vol 10: Jazz Ballads

74. Jazz Piano Solos: Jazz Blue

75. Blues Piano by TODD Lowry

76. Jazz How to Play Blues Piano – by Junior Mance 1967

77. Jazz Piano Solos Vol 12: Swinging Jazz

78. Jazz Piano Solos: Classical Jazz

79. Jazz Piano Play Along(The Steinway Library of Piano Music)

80. Favorite Jazz for Solo Piano by Tom Roed

81. Piano Solo: Hard-Bop

82. Great Jazz Piano Solos – Book 1

83. Popular Piano Solos – Book 8 Jazz

84. Jazz piano solos О Петерсон Вып 1

85. VA Smooth Jazz – Jazz Piano Solos

86. Jazz Piano Solos: Soul Jazz – Vol 11

87. Fujii Eiichi Book: Jazz Standards

88. Jazz piano by Misha V. Stefanuk

89. Jazz Piano Left Hand

90. Jazz Piano Left Hand Techniques Complete eBook

91. Riccardo Scivales Jazz Piano the Left Hand 2005

92. Easy Jazz Conception Piano Comping

93. Latin Jazz Standards

94. John Valerio BeBop Jazz Piano

95. Latin Jazz Piano

96. Biblia Del Piano Latin

97. Deneff Salsa Hanon 50 essential exercises for latin piano

98. Piano Latin Grooves for the Creative Musician Keyboard

99. Latin Jazz Piano Master The Collection

100. Modern Jazz Piano Styles

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